5 Netflix Series to help you Learn English

Netflix has had its fair share of controversy, but it is still one of the most well-known production companies in the world, even throughout its dispute. I couldn’t live without Netflix! It features and produces some of the best TV series and films out there. Since Netflix is so relevant in today’s society, I thought it would be cool to name some of the top series that can help you learn or improve your English skills, so get out the snacks and popcorn, and let’s get into it. Here are my Netflix picks to help you learn English:


Netflix learn english

1. Explained

I find this series to be so interesting! It focuses and aims to dig deeper into topical issues that impact people’s lives. Topics range from social and cultural, to science and nature. Their newest episodes talk about the American voting system. Pretty fitting since the American elections are just around the corner. The explanations are very clear and concise, and it’s super easy to follow along. So, not only are you learning and improving your English skills, but you are also learning about a variety of social and cultural topics.

2. Designated Survivor

One of my favorite series! It is an American political thriller with a storyline that leaves you wanting more. If you are interested in politics and want to learn more political vocabulary, this could be a good one for you. And to clarify the meaning of designated survivor, it means a person chosen in the presidential line of succession. So, if something happens to the president or the vice president and so forth, this „designated survivor“ becomes president. Unfortunately, there are only three seasons. Netflix announced that it would not be renewing the fourth season.

3. The Ranch

I come from Texas, and this series really hits home for me. It’s a super funny and relatable series. Ashton Kutcher plays the main character who returns home to his family’s ranch after his semi-pro football career ends. If you are interested in American English, this could be the series for you. You will learn American slang and many curse words, curse words meaning „bad words.“ It will also give you a feel for the southern American accent.

4. You

If you love psychological thrillers, then this one is for you! It’s basically about a charming stalker who uses any means to get closer to the girl he „loves.“ I find it to be reasonably easy to follow. The main character is brilliant and interested in books, so that you will hear a lot of poetic words and phrases. An excellent series to expand your vocabulary knowledge.

5. Away

Away is a brand-new Netflix series about a woman, played by Hilary Swank, who embarks on a mission to Mars leaving behind her husband and daughter. I think it’s a super cool series because half of it takes place in space, and it shows the ups and downs of their journey to Mars. So, in many scenes, you are anxiously gripping your pillow or blanket, hoping they make it through the mission. The vocabulary is science and space-related, so if those topics interest you, this could be an excellent series for you. You will also hear different accents within the series, including Russian and Chinese, which will benefit your listening skills.