English Learning Tips for all Levels

The number one question I get asked the most from my learners is, „do you have any good tips for learning English outside of the lesson?“ Below I have listed what I think are the most useful tips when learning, not just English, but any language. If you incorporate these tips into your everyday routine, you will be speaking like a native in no time.

So, tip #1, try to listen to English every day! This includes watching English movies or TV series. Netflix is perfect for this, as well as listening to music, audio-books, or podcasts about your favorite topic. If you have social media, following English influencers who create content that is relatable to your lifestyle and personality is also very helpful. I am currently learning German, and I find the most effective way for me to learn German is to watch movies that I’ve already seen in English, with German subtitles. It’s beneficial to watch shows in the language you are learning and the same subtitles because not only are you listening, you are also reading it. Of course, if it gets too tricky, you can always switch the subtitles back to your native language. I also find that following German influencers on Instagram helps me. It can be a bit difficult at times, but it forces you to really use your listening skills.

Listen to English everyday

Tip #2 make English friends. There are several platforms you can use to find English speaking groups. For example, seems to be a good platform here in Germany to meet with English speaking groups; I’ve also heard that Tandem is another excellent platform. Side note for women who want to use Tandem, I’ve heard that men tend to use this as a way to meet women and that it can be a bit creepy at times, so keep your guard up in that regard. Nevertheless, these are great ways to get yourself out there and meet new people while also learning a new language. It also gives you good conversational practice.

Tip #3 read English stories. As a German learner, I find that children’s books are beneficial and helpful, especially if you are a beginner. If you are a bit more advanced, reading blogs about your favorite topic is another excellent way to learn. With blogs, you can learn more relatable vocabulary, idioms, and even a bit of slang. And of course, reading books that are of interest to you.

Read English stories

Tip #4 write down new words. Keep a vocabulary notebook of new words you hear and make example sentences out of them. If you review these words every day, you will have these words quickly memorized. And if you are into journaling, then you can try writing everything in English!

Finally, tip #5, Travel!! Visit English-speaking countries. Travelling is such an excellent way to learn any language. I mentioned earlier different online platforms that enable you to meet new people from all over the world; this could be an option for you when visiting an English-speaking country. You can also stay with an English family; you are forced to speak English in this case. Staying with an English family will enhance your fluency and build your confidence.

Travel English speaking countries

So, those are some of my tips for learning English outside of the classroom. Everybody learns differently and takes away different experiences from each one. Find what is best for you and stick with it, and before you know it, you will be speaking like a native.